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Long Term Care Protection

Through Living Benefits

Protection In The Face of Chronic Illness

Living Benefits gives you the ability to use your life insurance death benefit while you’re alive. It is life insurance you don’t have to die to use.  If you are dealing with a chronic illness and you cannot perform two of the six activities of daily living, you can use the Chronic Illness Rider—one of three Living Benefits automatically included in every AIG QOL policy at no additional cost.

The rider allows you to accelerate a portion, or the entirety, of your death benefit, in case you cannot perform two of the six activities of daily living. This is the same criteria used by Long Term Care policies. In essence, your Living Benefits Life Insurance doubles as long term care protection, without having to pay additional premium or an expensive premium for a stand alone long term care policy.  Moreover, the money is given directly to you in a lump sum and not to a facility, which gives you more control over your money and your future.

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