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College Planning

Planning For Your Future

Saving money for college using Index Universal Life (IUL), uses the same strategy as using an IUL for tax-free retirement planning: the savings or cash value can be accessed tax free. The goal is to minimize the death benefit of the policy while maximizing the contributions, in accordance to the IRS limits. In turn, you can yield the highest cash growth that could be used to fund your education, or for any other reason.

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Why you should choose an IUL for college savings:

Better Advantages Than Other Savings Funds

  • Downside risk protection with a floor of 0%. You won’t lose any money in a down market

  • Tax free access to savings

  • No restrictions on what the funds are used for (can be for other uses, besides education)

  • Is not factored and will not interfere with eligibility for scholarships

sequoia_college savings table.png

College Planning Example

The example below assumes 18 years of savings in an IUL, which is the age at which the average adult begins college.

Male age 40, best health rate, $10,000 premium per year for 18 years:

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